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Cassie Scat Store

Low Price Shipped Shit Waiting List?

Written on 17.05.2018 at 16:14 by Cassie Scat Store

I was thinking about testing something out! I've become more organzied in my videos and orders waiting lists recently and thought this might be a good idea:

Every once in a while, I take a shit that has to be thrown away - it isn't often, usually they are shipped out or used in smearing or baking or SOMETHING. But it happens! And it's always a shame in my mind. 

I'm going to test run a waiting list where people (US only for now) can pay a much lower price (maybe $40?) and will be sent fresh shit the next time I have a load ready to go with no buyer. So the lower price is for having to wait much longer then, which some people don't mind!

I'd let you specifiy if there's thing you don't want (ie. no diarrhea or none in clothing or no diapers etc.) but the less picky you are the faster it'll come! 

Message me through THIS SITE to be put on the list, I don't want too many people so I'm just posting here! US shipping addresses only please :D