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2 Part Diaper Smelling, Masturbation and Messing (BOTH PARTS)
2 Part Diaper Smelling, Masturbation and Messing (BOTH PARTS)

Video-Length: 31m 27s
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Bundle of both clips! They can be bought separately if you'd just like one part.



It took a few days of pissing and shitting in the Pampers Baby-Dry and the Luvs diapers to get as many dirty diaper balls as I wanted for my video where I masturbate on the bed. So I made this clip showing me doing just that! 

These diapers were picked especially for their strong smell. The smell gets stronger after you get them dirty and are especially strong in the first diapers I made since they were sitting in the cupboard for a few days. I smell them often in both clips. 

I piss in them and also push small very stinky turds into some, smearing them around and later have Very Messy diarrhea in several diapers and show off the visible food in the mess. 

I use some baby wipes to clean up and add them to the bags of diapers at the end :) Ready to film the clip now!

I start the second part of the clip angry that my guests through a fetish party and not only did they not clean up, they also got my bed all dirty because they didn't put down the curtain I left them. 

In my anger at finding all the dirty wadded up diaper balls they left, I decide to show them how it's done! I lay down the curtain, get naked and throw all the diapers and wipes onto the bed. 

I spend the video smelling the diapers, opening them to see what's inside, wearing them inside out on my face and body and holding and sucking the balls in my mouth all while masturbating. 

I fill a couple diapers with piss, flooding them and even missing a bit so that there is piss on the curtain and on my legs but it doesn't stop me from rubbing my clit with the dirty diaper balls anyways. 

At the end, I show the leftover mess on the bed and am finally satisfied.