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3 BIG Cassie Poops in 1 Diaper Then SQUISH!
3 BIG Cassie Poops in 1 Diaper Then SQUISH!

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Looking pretty good with my diaper on under my jeans but it's empty and I wanna make it bulge and droop. I tease you in the crinkling fabric with my pants off then show you the fabric getting pushed as I releasing two big firm turds into it. I show them off and my messy ass but I don't feel like I'm done. Dare me to keep the diaper in the fridge and keep on filling it?

Over the next week, holding it in for 3 days each time, I poop and fill the same diaper 2 more times! Each time the poop stacks on top of the last load and each time my body is messier from pulling on the dirty diaper and having my poops pushed tighter and tighter against my ass! Will it hold?

Each fresh warm load is shown in the diaper next to the cold poops from before. They are all such different colours and textures! Finally my ass is so messy from the third poop that I pull the diaper back on and sit and wiggle and squish it everywhere! My ass is caked so thickly in shit I can practically peel off whole smashed loads! Get a good look and the results of our little dare ;)

**Cassie here, giving a little warning - I had some big but nearly faded bruises on the fronts of my thighs for this video but I'm ok! I was just helping a couple of friends move furniture the weekend before and I bruise like a peach. Thanks for the concern <3