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7 Cute, CassieScat Toilet Poops!
7 Cute, CassieScat Toilet Poops!

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Here's for the simple "I want to see a girl pooping" kinda guy!

There's a little variety but most of these clips are on the toilet and show off the messy toilet paper wipes, flushing and a close up of the poop itself - whether it's in the toilet bowl, or in one case, seeing it on the floor!

I use different angles, like a side view, straddling the toilet reverse-cowgirl or leaning back to show you a peek into the bowl, so you can usually see the poop as it stretches out my asshole and squeezes it's stinky brown way out!

Many of these clips were actually once OnlyFans exclusives! Back when Onlyfans didn't suck (see Short, simple clips like this go up there often and, like all the other clips I post there, they stay up forever! You will always have access for as long as you are a fan.

I'm offering these now for those who like to buy a clip they choose every once in a while and keep it downloaded, but if you would prefer a subscription service with an ever-building collection of my videos to choose from, subscribe to my