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Ayana Strips, Teases, Shits and Tastes It!
Ayana Strips, Teases, Shits and Tastes It!

Video-Length: 7m 12s
Video-Resolution: 1920x1080 Pixel
Video-Bitrate: 6154 kbit/s
Video-Format: MP4
Added on: 25.06.2020
File size: 318 MB
Language: English


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Ayana wears a blue dressing gown, music plays in the background. She starts a striptease while slowly removing everything she has on her body until she's fully naked. All of this while looking at you of course. She touches her whole body in the process but more specifically her ass & boobs.

She then takes her cam and put it on the floor so you can have a clear view of the bottom of her sexy body. She keeps dancing a little bit to the music while being in front squat position. When she's done, she goes in doggystyle so you can see her whole booty. She takes her dildo and put it right in her butthole without any preparations. She fucks her ass a little bit and as soon as she removes the dildo, you can clearly shit is about to come out. She sits on her feet & start pushing her out, right between her feet.

She shows you the little mess it made on her feet and proceed to fuck her ass a little bit again. She turns around to face you, tease you a little bit by putting her face close to the pile of shit. Then she takes a chunk of her shit with her mouth. Video ends with her looking at you in close-up with clearly shit right in her mouth.