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Ayana Surprised When Homemade First-Time Enema Works!
Ayana Surprised When Homemade First-Time Enema Works!

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Ayana has never done an enema before and doesn't really know much about them. How do they work? What is she supposed to feel to know if it's working? All she knows is that she's supposed to get soapy warm water into her ass and then shitty brown water should pour out! Sounds fun!

She dances seductively and get's into the tub to spray water on her sexy body and get the warm soapy water ready. She has an idea to use a syringe to push it inside herself more easily. She does this multiple times and then lets the camera know that she's done the step and put the water inside her but that it hasn't worked. She tried her best!

Suddenly the camera comes back on and she says that after she turned it off she noticed she was squirting quite a bit of liquid out of her ass! She shows her asshole and you get to see it squirt brown poopy enema water out several times, getting her tub dirty and running down her legs! She finally figured out what an enema feels like and is smiling and happy now instead of disappointed - it worked after all!

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