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Ayana Tastes Shit, then Smears Her Feet With It
Ayana Tastes Shit, then Smears Her Feet With It

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Ayana just finished a big, fancy dinner and went out to the club – but she can’t concentrate on dancing because she desperately needs to poop! There’s only one thing left to do – she decides to go into the private club bathroom and have a little fun with her shit before going back out. She’s already stripped off all her clothes in the bathroom – you can hear the pounding music and other people faintly in the background as she squats on the floor, showing off her hairy pussy and big tits before turning around and spreading her ass wide open, her soles right in your face.

You see a long stream of light brown, creamy shit flow from her asshole, winking open and closed once she’s done. She eagerly grabs a fresh piece of the pile and licks with her pierced lounge it over and over, savoring the taste of her creamy poop. She wraps her lips, coated in bright red lipstick for the club, around the shit- moving it in and out just like she’s giving a blowjob – her spit sticking to the piece of shit as she moves it away.

She can barely control herself, so she starts sinking the soles of her pretty little feet into the pile, musing it around until it’s all over her soles and toes, proudly showing them off. She finally goes back for one more taste of her shit, giving you a closeup as she frantically licks – then winks at you, satisfied enough to go out and dance with her dirty asshole and feet as our little secret.