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Ayana ''Upside Down'' Poop Right In The Mouth
Ayana ''Upside Down'' Poop Right In The Mouth

Video-Length: 6m 38s
Video-Resolution: 1920x1080 Pixel
Video-Bitrate: 7100 kbit/s
Video-Format: MP4
Added on: 09.09.2020
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Language: English


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Ayana wears a white shirt with black stars & red panties. She goes fully naked while teasing you with her body. When she's completely naked, she goes on the floor in an "upside down" position. She starts pushing for shit to come out. As soon as she feels some poop is out, she go get some with her hands. She takes the shit & puts it right in her mouth. She tries to keep pushing for more shit & touches her pussy. She ends the video by looking at the cam as you can clearly see the rest of her shit around her mouth.