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Ayana Walking Around Clothed with Pooped Panties On
Ayana Walking Around Clothed with Pooped Panties On

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Starting wearing a curve-hugging jumpsuit, Ayana dances to the Bob Marley music that's playing and strips sexily showing sheer mesh black panties. She turns around and begins to push out dense, clay textured sticky shit right into the pretty lingerie. Surprisingly, she then puts the jumpsuit back on and shows you around her home, enjoying the music and the feeling of the stinky brown turds between her cheeks and underneath her clothes.

While she walks, the turds get smeared and squished so that when she's done, she pulls off her clothes and panties to show you her messy ass and dirty asshole. She wipes lots of times, showing it all off for the camera and then says goodbye. Maybe next time she'll walk around outside in public instead of in her home - who knows!