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Ayana's Mushy Poop Smeared on Feet + Painted Toes
Ayana's Mushy Poop Smeared on Feet + Painted Toes

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Ayana knows just how long of a day you’ve had – when you open the door to her place, she’s desperate to please you. She remembered how much you love her sexy feet and decided to give you a special present for working so hard – a chance to watch her smear her mushy shit all over her feet!

She’s so horny she can barely keep her clothes on, stripping them off as she fondles her big tits, her belly, her hand working down to her wet pussy. She bends over in front of you, soles facing up, spreading her ass wide open for you as she pushes out thick, hot turds onto the floor.

She turns back around, stroking her feet, showing off her freshly painted, hot-pink toenails, and starts smearing her mushy shit all over her feet, getting in every little nook and cranny – standing up to step on the pile, coating her soles as she bounces up and down on it, moaning in excitement. She finally lets you close enough to worship her feet, bringing you in so close you can see every little piece of shit covering her beautiful feet and toes, then gives you a little kiss goodbye, so you can see how happy she is to have pleased you.