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BIG and Desperate Toilet Poop in a Bikini
BIG and Desperate Toilet Poop in a Bikini

Video-Length: 5m 17s
Video-Resolution: 1920x1080 Pixel
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I'm running to the toilet during a pool party. Was it something I ate? Have I been too relaxed sitting poolside in my new blue bikini?

The camera is positioned above so you get a perfect view of my body in the bikini, squirming and rocking with desperation to get this huge shit out of me. You can see every large turd come out of my ass into the toilet, one after another.

I worry if anyone at the pool party has noticed I left or if they will smell the awful stink after. leave the washroom. I wipe a big messy wipe of toilet paper. At the end there is a close-up of all the shit in the toilet.