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Blue Jeans Poop Desperation House Chores
Blue Jeans Poop Desperation House Chores

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This was a fun one to makes guys! I had so many house chores to do today, but my tummy was bothering me, i had a big accident but that didn't stop me from finishing what i had to do. Emails, laundry, cleaned up my vanity all with pants full of warm shit. I even took a little nap in my dirty panties, b4 it started really turning me on, i just couldn't help but reach back and squish the shit all up in my ass and down my pussy lips. I finally stopped, knowing i still had to work in the bathroom, so put my jeans back on, over my shitty panties and went to clean the bathroom. I didn't get too far before i started grinding the shit into my jeans, against the sink counter top, my little moans from the pleasure of feeling the shit in my pants. I pull down my jeans and then my panties and finger fuck my ass, smearing it and pushing out some more shit for you. Nice long 18 min clip for you to enjoy <3 Kisses Mia-