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Cassie the Pooh and the Messy Morning
Cassie the Pooh and the Messy Morning

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Cassie the Pooh is back in this cute porn parody of Winnie the Pooh! I’m checking out my cute new outfit in the mirror, when I remember I need to do my morning exercises. I start with some toe touches, but I’m quickly interrupted by the feeling that I need to poo. For a moment I’m worried I'm going to shit myself, but the feeling passes - false alarm. I get back to doing my stretches. I do some squats with my big, round ass right in your face. I feel the need to poo again, and this time I can’t hold it in. I let go of my bowels and enjoy the feeling of a soft, warm turd filling my diaper. I pull my diaper down to show you my poop smeared asshole, and the massive turd which has completely filled my diaper. I pull the diaper back up and go to the kitchen, where I sit on a little stool and smush the giant turd against my ass cheeks. I take a moment to have a little snack as I describe how the soft, warm shit feels pressing against my ass cheeks in the diaper. I get back up and notices some of the poop has come through the lining of my diaper and made a mess on the stool. Whoops! I quickly clean up the mess, then make my way to the bathroom so I can clean up properly. In the bathroom I stand with my ass in your face and remove my diaper, showing you my filthy, shit smeared asshole and ass cheeks. I give my butthole a quick wipe and show you the dirty toilet paper. However before I can clean myself up I stick a finger in my filthy asshole, and I quickly get carried away enjoying my messy predicament. Click the link to see the full short story “Cassie the Poo and the Messy Morning”, with pictures :p