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Denim Daze
Denim Daze

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getting high this morning and I feel like teasing you! I toke and French inhale my joint, blowing smoke at you. I’m wearing a tight pair of light denim pants and a cropped halter style top. I’m also wearing a pink pair of stilettos!

Watch me wiggle my ass and verbally tease you a bit! You really like how the denim looks and I would love you to put your head between my legs and inhale my pungent pussy right through my pants.

Now that I’m good and stoned it’s time to play. We go to the bathroom and I continue to talk dirty. I have a surprise for you! Oooh you like that ass bling don’t you? A little plug holding in the bigger surprise! You know I keep my asshole dirty and packed just for you!

Get ready for a mess! I’m ready to fulfill your denim fantasy…a stream of hot piss floods my jeans and soon I’m pushing out shit. I encourage you to rub and jerk your cock and cum all over my shit caked ass crack.