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Desperate, MESSY Shit and Stinky Pre-Poop Farts
Desperate, MESSY Shit and Stinky Pre-Poop Farts

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I bought way too much fruit so I've been eating it like crazy so it doesn't spoil. My tummy is pretty upset and the bellyache is turning into some very stinky, hot, wet farts while I finish the strawberries and yogurt in bed.

I complain about needing to shit really bad and how much the farts stink but I'm still caught off guard when the desperate urge to shit takes over!

I manage to get my pants down but miss the toilet in my desperation and shit LOUD, mushy, hot poop all over the toilet seat where it slides down into the water.

The wipes and clean up are messy and I give up after 3 flushes.