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Desperate While Folding Laundry - Pooping in a Trashcan
Desperate While Folding Laundry - Pooping in a Trashcan

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I've been holding it because I really want to get this laundry done! I'm folding and trying my best to ignore the feelings in my belly. I have to go but I know I'll be done these chores very soon so I may as well wait. As I fold, I peek at the little wastepaper bin in the room and quickly think I could just use that but I know I shouldn't - and I'll make it to the bathroom anyway!

Suddenly the urge increases much more and I have to drop the laundry I'm folding and struggle to remove my shorts. I finally get them down and plop my ass onto the little trashcan and start to poop! You see and angle from the side and from the back and get a view of the poop inside the trash after. I'm not close enough to the bathroom so I end up pulling up my panties and shorts right onto my dirty bum!

In the bathroom later I show you my dirty asshole, the creamy and skidmarked panties and I clean up.