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Dumb Girly Gweny Back in Diapers
Dumb Girly Gweny Back in Diapers

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Gwen has been having problems wetting and messing herself, she’s too silly to wear big girl panties so she’s going back into diapers.. but she doesn’t mind. She shows you her Pampers and smells their fresh scent, she takes out a used pee pee diaper and rubs it all over her face and body.. she then takes out a messy diaper with her poop safely wrapped inside. She smells it and rubs it on herself again, mostly rubbing it on her nipples to stimulate them.

Gweny wants to show you this one too, in the bathroom she opens up her messed diaper, smelling it before she starts rubbing her poopy on her chest. It doesn’t take long before she starts rubbing it on her cunt too.

She starts fucking her dirty cunt with the diaper placed on top of her face so she can smell her nasty mess. Taking her diaper again she rubs her dildo into her poop so she can get more up her kitty while edging to cum!