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Explosive Soft Shit JET Into Slave's Mouth: PART 3 (subtitled)
Explosive Soft Shit JET Into Slave's Mouth: PART 3 (subtitled)

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Video-Resolution: 1920x1080 Pixel
Video-Bitrate: 15 kbit/s
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Language: English


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Part 3!

I didn't shit for three days, and I had already done two shits in the earlier parts - the first was a thick, hard shit that almost tore my butt, the second was an enema that unblocked my gut, causing my butt to spit out several shit balls! I still feel it wasn’t completely empty so I stopped the camera and put more water in my ass, (but not too much!) and I went to do some chores and let it sit.

I left my slave dirty with shit and forgot the water in my ass so that when I came back I had already planned to finish the video, and the human toilet warned me that I was putting water in my ass and needed to eliminate it in his mouth before I finished!

I had completely forgotten about the water and I was about to take a shower! I had already had two shits so I was dirty and very sweaty. I was very hot that day, and the slave still wanted more shit in his face! I positioned myself and said he would get more, he opened his mouth and before he could blink, I poured a jet of soft shit directly into his mouth!

The water mixed up forming a mild shit like diarrhea. I decided I wanted to have more fun, I sat down again on his face just this time in front of the camera, spreading all that soft shit on the pig's face, while sliding my slippery wet cunt all over him to get off!

I was all dirty with shit and completely sweaty, but I had a lot of fun. this is also subtitled in English.
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