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GwenyT Seduces her Gross Perv Teacher
GwenyT Seduces her Gross Perv Teacher

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I found my teachers browsing history whenever he had left the classroom. I found all sorts of gross stuff that he’s been looking at, like girls gross and smelly armpits and their unwashed pussies, assholes and feet... I also found that he likes watching porn of girls making ugly guys eat their shit and drink their piss. This got me wet in my seat to think about, but I wanted to use it to my advantage to pass his class since I’ve been doing so bad in it.

He acts so strong-willed and authoritative, but obviously he’s just a little pussy bitch that will succumb to a cute and gross little girl like me... I show him what he likes and what he’ll do for me all school year, I’ll tell him that his wife would never do stuff like this with him and he’s getting exactly what he wants... it’ll be so cute watching him eat my shit and drink my piss.