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Hardcore MESSY, Poop Play with GwenyT (Mom's home!!)
Hardcore MESSY, Poop Play with GwenyT (Mom's home!!)

Video-Length: 20m 7s
Video-Resolution: 1280x720 Pixel
Video-Bitrate: 10 kbit/s
Video-Format: MOV
File size: 1467 MB
Language: English


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Gwen begins with trying to poop the night before, all she’s able to do is piss all over herself and stuff her piss soaked panties into her cunt. The next morning she still wants to play with her poop so badly even though her mom is home and is in the next room. she can’t help herself and desperately and sneakily poops three huge ones out. She teases the camera twice with pushing just the tip of the first log out, and then pulling it back in, it feels like she’s fucking herself with her log of shit when she does that!

She can’t wait to get her cunt covered in shit! It feels so warm and squishy, it’s all she can do to not shove it into her cunt. During the duration of the video she spreads all over her cunt and ass, and even takes her fingers to her mouth to taste. She can hear her mom in the other room the whole time, what else are pathetic and horny cunts supposed to do?