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Insatiable Ayana Needs Shit Smeared + Holes Filled!
Insatiable Ayana Needs Shit Smeared + Holes Filled!

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Ayana has never been so horny now that she's cooped up under quarantine. She needs something more extreme today and she knows exactly what will get you on board to play with her!

She gets you warmed up stripping out of her little tank top and her shorts that barely contain a round, firm ass. Playing with her tits is just the beginning though, she grabs a dildo and sucks it seductively with eye contact, knowing you will imagine every lick is for you. She fucks her juicy, swollen pussy with the wet dildo and moans in pleasure but needs more. MUCH more.

Ayana grabs more toys and is insatiable. If only you were here to help her! She fucks her mouth and her pussy and her ass with dildos, wanting every hole filled. Fullness is what she craves. She's close, and needs some release.

She turns around and suddenly begins to shit, right on the floor! Her perfect asshole stretching to release a big pile of warm shit for her to play in. She quickly gets her hands dirty and begins to smear it everywhere, needing to feel the dirty brown on her skin, her tits, her pussy and her ass.

By the end, she's so turned on she begins to suck a dirty finger, causing her to drool spit stained a little brown. Could this girl ever be satisfied? She's wild and hornier than ever!