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Let's Play ;) Poop Eating Encouragement + JOI Game
Let's Play ;) Poop Eating Encouragement + JOI Game

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This clip shows no poop - it's instead all about you and what you'll do for me! I know you have been doing pretty well at eating your poop but I want to push you a little further. I think you can do more with some fun and some rewarding encouragement ;)

You'll be dividing your poop into 4 small pieces, 3 medium pieces and 2 big ones. Then using a die and my own detailed directions, I'll move you through all the steps in swallowing them for me. JOI is used throughout sparingly since you'll be so hard but the cock is the best way to control you of course!

These are moderate level instructions but can be scaled up or down by changing what 'small' and 'big' mean to you. It's all about earning that explosive orgasm at the end ;P