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Messy Diaper Girl with Diarrhea Seeks Daddy
Messy Diaper Girl with Diarrhea Seeks Daddy

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I'm a dirty, messy and naughty girl who just wishes she could find someone to share that with. I love wearing my diapers and filling them to bursting and I want someone to send them too who will cherish them as gifts! Are you him? 

I show off my diaper and tighten the sides before turning around and pushing out warm piss to wet it and then pulling it back so you can see tons of mushy stinky poo rush to fill the diaper as you peek inside. 

Then I sit down and bounce and squish and play in the mess, squirting even more diarrhea into it so it leaks all out the sides. You can hear it sloshing and squishing and spreading! 

I take of the diaper so you can see them show you more kinds of diapers in my collection - I even show my poo-covered bum squirting EVEN MORE poo into another diaper :D Look at what I can do for the right daddy's allowance...