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Mia Nightshade 'Blue Jeans Desperation - Enormous Poop'
Mia Nightshade 'Blue Jeans Desperation - Enormous Poop'

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Went shopping today and just made it home in time, I had to poop so bad! I quickly ran to the bathroom but the door handle wasn't working, I pushed and pulled as hard as I could but it just wouldn't budge. I attempted to pick the lock but it was too late, I filled my panties and jeans with an enormous thick, firm poop. I pull my jeans down to give you a peek, it was so heavy, it almost pulled my panties off while trying to take off my jeans.

I had some work on the computer to do, and I wasn't going to let poopy pants stop me from finishing what i had to do, so I took you into the living room and I sat right into the big mess, ready to do my work. It quickly spreads up my buttcrack and all the way up past my pussy, to my bush. It felt so good, it turned me on so much that I began grinding my clit into the mess, against the chair seat, hands on the table,eyes closed in pure ecstasy. I speed up the intensity and cum right into the mess. I wasn't planning on doing this, but I simply couldn't help myself, it just felt too good.

I take you into the bathroom to show you the big mess, instructing you to stroke your hard cocks to the mess I was about to show. I pull down my jeans and the shit is caked from rear waistband to bush and everything in between. Pull my panties off to show you and peel off the caked on shit, roll it in a big grapefruit size ball and shit out more to add to it. I place it all back into my panties and begin to smash it between my ass cheeks, shit spilling out from both sides. Finally I pull down my panties and show you my shitty ass. Enjoy! Mia