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Mia Nightshade "Boyfriend Poop" IRL
Mia Nightshade

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Hi Everyone - something a little different today but still the same massive poops that you all crave. So I met a guy irl about a month ago and I really like him, his name is Josh and honestly I'm usually so busy and rarely go out, that it kinda just happened by accident. I was at the garden center buying some plants for my apartment, I love to garden and met him there. He was so cute and offered to help me load some plants into my car. We got to talking and really hit it off. So now after a month of seeing him and knowing that it will probably continue for a while - girls can just tell, we got to talking about different sexual interests, we’ve already been intimate, and i'm very open sexually, so it was nothing really out of the ordinary. I had a glass of*******, or two hehe, in me and decided that i’m going to tell him what I do because I didn't want him to find out later or have him stumble upon my videos randomly on the net. I know they are making their rounds.
I basically told him that I make really dirty videos and sell them online. He was intrigued and def turned on by the idea. I basically told him without telling him, if you understand what I mean. He understood fully what I meant and said he was glad I told him and that it's something that really turns him on - in particular panty pooping. I told him he really stepped in shit, because I make some amazing panty pooping videos and that I would film one for him. This video is for him, I took some poop selfies and sent them. Lol poop selfies.
This summary is condensed in the video but it's something more personal and lets you see me in a non role play setting.
In regards to the poop - its huge as always but def one of my biggest to date. You can see it slide out of my asshole, real closeup and I quickly pull back my panties, so not to loose any of it. I tell you everything I ate the day before and give you some really nice close up shots of me filling my cute white lace panties and after as well. Hope you enjoy - I know he will! Mia-