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Mia_Nightshade Fall Harvest
Mia_Nightshade Fall Harvest

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It’s fall, my favorite time of year and my indoor garden needs to be harvested and tended to but my asshole has a different plan! The video starts out with me in my cute gardening outfit, pruning and harvesting my herbs and veggies, when my stomach starts to act up. Instead of using the bathroom, I of course just shit my panties and jean shorts. My stomach has really been on the fritz the last few days, like for realz, so the messy shit just starts to run down my legs after I explode into my jeans.

Not wanting to waste a wonderful opportunity to play with my hot shit, I pull out a couple of my favorite dildos and begin toying my asshole, stretching and gaping it for you all while tending to my pussies needs as well. I jerk the shitty dildo off for you, describing how it would feel if I was doing it to you - stroking your hard cocks all covered with my shit. I bring myself to a wonderful gushing orgasm, all while covered in my own shit.

Lots of great close ups of the action. Hope you enjoy it! Mia Nightshade ❤️