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Mia Nightshade Gluttonous Shitter
Mia Nightshade Gluttonous Shitter

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Eating and shitting - two of life's most satisfying pleasures, so what better way to enjoy them, then by incorporating them both into one filthy, glutinous scat video! Well that’s exactly what I did for you.

With an asshole already full of hot stinky shit, I straddle a chair, presenting my tight ass to you, while I feed my face with a selection of dried and fresh fruits. My belly is swelling and distending as I snack, my asshole about to explode into my cute, fullcut, pink, satin panties. I’m dying to taste my dirty ass and shit, so I did what my daddy told me never to do, play with my food. I rub and stuff my asshole with grapes, sliding the cold, creamy banana over my pulsating hungry asshole. Made my pussy wet. I sampled my ass and licked and swallowed a little piece of shit that found its way underneath my long nails. At this point i'm dying to fill my panties and that's exactly what I did.

You get lots of amazing angles here, i pull my tight white top over my shitty panties and grind my ass into the chair. I pull my panties down around my knees and cover my pussy and ass, before getting down in cat pose and masturbating to orgasm, with my shitty ass and cunt in the air. I’d love to get fucked like that!

Hope you enjoy my messy fun! Mia Nightshade ❤️