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Mia Nightshade - Good old fashioned massive sheer panty poop
Mia Nightshade - Good old fashioned massive sheer panty poop

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Hi Everyone - best laid plans...i had a role play scene scheduled for today, but got up late, my stomach was so bloated and typically I have a coffee and respond to some emails and read prior to filming. I made my coffee and before it was even done brewing - I realized I was 'on the clock' because I was well past my normal 'go' time. That window quickly shrunk, and before i could even pour a cup of coffee - i could feel the inevitable pressure build as i was nearing launch time. I put my bed hair in a quick pony, threw up my two new cameras, lights and slid on a fun sheer pair of panties and sprinted into the bathroom before I lost the footage to mother nature. Everything was captured in glorious HD and there's no doubt in my mind that it's my most impressive feat to date and that's saying something, you have seen any of my other vids. Its a massive firm, thick shit; pushing it out was wonderful, you can see me straining in the mirror, with lots of great angles. Any feet and toe lovers will enjoy this as well, I waffle the massive pile of shit on the floor, through my cute little toes. I present my ass and pussy to you and rub my wet lips; they're so wet, from the horny shit I just pushed out. I hope you enjoy it!