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Mia Nightshade 'Mia's Unsanitary Kitchen'
Mia Nightshade 'Mia's Unsanitary Kitchen'

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Woke up early today to prepare dinner, was making braised pork shoulder and i had so much prep to do. Went into my kitchen and began working, flipped on my google cast and started dancing to the music, great shots of my bottom but even better when i began to fill them with my big shit. I continued to cook in the big sexy stinky mess for 30 min, the shit started working its way down my inner thigh. It felt amazing. I continue dancing for you, shaking my ass and hips, with the big mess moving in sync with me, it's mesmerizing to watch. I go into the bathroom and pull down my panties, presenting my ass to you. A wonderful and long, panty poop vid, for anyone who loves just watching a big lump of shit inside a girls panties, this is the video for you. Enjoy! Mia xoxo