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Mia Nightshade - 'Need a Plumber'
Mia Nightshade - 'Need a Plumber'

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Another busy day today, I just woke up and was freshening up in the bathroom. I've had the worst stuffy nose recently, after trying to clear it, I discarded the tissue into my toilet, only to realize it wasn’t flushing. Uggh, so I know nothing about plumbing but I knew all the parts were in the tank, so decided to see if I could fix it, no luck, perhaps it was clogged? I got the plunger but that did nothing. I already have to use the toilet, my stomach is bulging right now, I decide i need to get a plumber here asap, so i make the call, but unfortunately they cant get here till noon. I was out of luck but the pressure has not abated one bit. My options at this point are limited, so i did what any sound mind girl would do in this predicament, poop my panties! I’ve added a picture and picture, so you can see my expression as I push out arguably my biggest poop to date, it just kept coming out. The release was nearly orgasmic.

Not to waste a good shit, I hop on the counter with the big load in my panties and grind it into my ass and pussy. Next on the toilet seat, shit is all over my floor at this point - i get up and cover my ass with it. My filthy mouth instructs you to bury your face between my shitty ass cheeks, breathing me in, covering your face in the process. Enjoy! Mia