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Mia Nightshade - New Model, Massive Panty Poop and Smear
Mia Nightshade - New Model, Massive Panty Poop and Smear

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Hi everyone, my name is Mia, 29 years old from the United States. This is my first video, I just opened my store but def not the first time playing! This is a huge turn on for me, it always has been ever since i can remember, it makes me wild! Im very thin with a tight athletic body, 125lbs, 5'8", I also model professionally. This is a really messy first clip, I take a big firm poop and fill my panties - sit in it, grinding it into my pussy and tight ass - felt amazing. I pull up my sweats and just enjoy being full of warm shit. Toward the end of the video, i pull down my shit covered panties and sweats for you and show you the big load, and proceed to smear it all over my tight ass, I'm able to ******* another nice piece of shit out of my ass for you and then proceed to fuck my shitty ass with a dildo. A great first experience for me, I will be making more videos everyday this week, so be sure to check back. Ty you so much! Enjoy - dirty kisses xoxo Mia-