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Mia Nightshade 'Passed out and Soiled'
Mia Nightshade 'Passed out and Soiled'

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Big night out with the girls! Got ready and hit the bar - got home late and went right to bed, wasn't even able to get out of my pants, so ended up passing out in them, the tops of the tight leather pants just touching the bottom of my butt cheeks. I was so drunk I ended up just shitting myself in my sleep, I woke up in a daze and sat right in it, not even realizing, so I pulled my pants up, right over the top of the huge bulge and went back to bed till morning.

I finally woke up almost 7 hrs later, only to realize what I had done. I pulled the tight leather off and by this point I was so horny from the mess, I began to smear it all over my ass and pussy. I grab the closest dildo vibrator I could find and begin to fuck my shit covered ass, legs up in the air, other hand rubbing my swollen clit. I begin rubbing the shaft of the cock between my filthy, creamy pussy lips, my hole is already leaking with anticipation of the orgasm I'm about to have. I started working my clit with the vibe, and had my first orgasm on camera. I felt amazing. I get up and present my shit covered ass and pussy to you, in doggy pose and finally the disaster of a mess on my sheets. Hot sexy poopy action - it'll be one of your favorites for sure. Enjoy! Mia-