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Mia Nightshade - 'Such a Big Girl'
Mia Nightshade - 'Such a Big Girl'

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What a big girl I was today! My daddy would be so proud of me! I was playing in my nursery this morning, it's my favorite place. I was so excited to play with my new toys, I totally forgot to have daddy put my diapers on. No matter, I'm a big girl and decided to do it myself. I knew I had a big poopy in my belly, i could just tell, it always gets me so excited! I rolled over just to check and yes, I knew it! A big girl poopy was already coming out my butthole, i decided to give it a little taste, so i stuck my pacifier in my poopy bum, and put it back into my mouth - it was so yummy! Daddy would be so proud of me, hes always encouraging me to make big poopies and to play with my little girl parts - he’s so silly!

I wasn't sure really how to put them back on, but I think I remember how he does it - I decided instead of making a poopie in them, I was going to open them up and fill them and then put them back on. I just love seeing it come out of me -shhh, don't tell anyone!
I get them on and squish around in them, until i realize i was missing my favorite red block, mommy just got these for me, so i had to find it! I looked under the bed and there it was! I was so happy! I also found something else, it was the prettiest pink color i have ever seen, it looked just like daddy's pee pee and it vibrated. Since daddy is always telling me to stick things inside me, like big girls do, I crawled into the bathroom, with my diapy full of poop and decided to play. I had to be real quiet, I didn't want them finding out. The poop was so fun, it was like a big pile of play dooh.

I came up with a great idea, i decided i wanted to shove some of the stinky play dooh, inside my private little girl holes and stick mommies toy inside me till i make juice come out of me. But before I did, I wanted to taste more of the stinky play dooh in my diaper, so I gave a nice big piece a lick. That made my special spot feel funny but it felt really good. After sticking mommies toy inside me, i was amazed, it happened just like last time, i don't know why it does that, but I started peeing but i dont think its pee - whatever it is, i'm going to keep doing it. I know daddy likes that. I really love it too and I think you will as well! Enjoy Baby girl Mia-