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Mia Nightshade's Moving Accident
Mia Nightshade's Moving Accident

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Big move today girls and boys! I just got some beautiful new furniture delivered but the inconsiderate movers, just plopped it right in the middle of my living room, the nerve!
I’ve been trying to get a hold of a moving company, so that they can help me move it to the other bedroom, but everyone seems to be booked. I’ve planned a big party for friday night so I really need to get this done, so i just decide that i'll do it on my own. I’m feeling strong and empowered today, so this won't be any trouble, so at least I think.
I struggle to get the awkwardly large ottoman, into the bedroom. Not helping matters, is the fact that i really need to use the bathroom, but decide to just get the move done. Bad move, or good depending on who you are;). I’m just about there and with one last rush of energy, I try to muscle the piece into place, I strain so hard that I just piss and shit my short light blue booty jean shorts. My pussy lips are exposed from behind as I bend over, but they are quickly overtaken by a massive rush of hot shit, the short shorts can’t even contain it all. It rushes out from both sides, filling my shorts in the process, hot piss leaks out along with it.
I continue the move and then attempt to clean up. I go into the bathrooms and still have to go, so I pull down my shorts to expose my beautiful, dirty bottom and push out two nice big pieces of warm, fresh shit for you. I pile it on the toilet seat, and sit my bare ass and pussy right into it. You get lots of amazing views as I grind myself into it. Finish with a wonderful as smearing and pull my jeans shorts back on over the mess. They are covered in shit. Successful move!