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Relaxed, Indulgent Eating, Shitting and JOI
Relaxed, Indulgent Eating, Shitting and JOI

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You were feeling self indulgent and up for a little treat yourself fun so you've paid to watch me lazily go about my day, eating 3 meals and a snack then shitting them all out for you. 

I love knowing how horny it gets you to watch me, so I instruct you to stroke your cock and I knead and grab my tits, show off my ass a little - not much since I still love teasing you. 

As you watch me eat and digest food to eventually make it's way out of me, I make sure you aren't allowed to cum until I've cum first and until you've watched me push out a fat turd. 

At the end, I'm finally ready and I masturbate in front of you, legs spread, all while making you wait. Then I push out a firm shit in the aftershocks of my orgasm and count you down to cum :)