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Scary Movie Accident
Scary Movie Accident

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Hi everyone - another fun scenario. It's scary movie night and I really wanted to watch this spooky movie but i've been so chicken, they always give me nightmares, but i was brave today and watched it anyway. Perhaps i should have been prepared for what happened, it was so scary, i completely shit myself, filling my panties till they overflowed. I didnt even realize at first, i was just so engrossed with what i was watching. Lots of different angles to view the mess I made, i get up finally realizing what happened and give you a nice closeup of the buldge in my dirty panties as i walk around my apartment. I take you into the bathroom with the mess and pull my panties down for you to see, i still have to go more, so shit right into the already filled mess and pull them back on. I even take a little lick, and fuck my ass with my finger. I hope you enjoy!