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Shitty at the Club
Shitty at the Club

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Another fun messy vid guys, I got ready to go to the club with my girlfriend, i look great, sheer black pantyhose, tight black see through top, short black skirt and thigh high, high heel boots.
At the last minute she decides to bail on me, we were supposed to meet two guys we met last week, I was so angry with her, that during our argument, I shit my pantyhose without even knowing it. I make the decision to go out anyway and meet the guy at the club, with a pantyhose full of shit. I come back and sit at my vanity and begin to write in my diary, you can hear me narrate the dirty events at the club, as i walk around my room with my journal, recording it all for posterity. Im so horny after recalling it all, i go into the bathroom and sit in the mess on the edge of the tub, and fuck myself to orgasm with my dildo, the shit falling through the hole i tore in them, to give access to my dripping wet pussy. I get up and walk over to the camera and tear a larger hole in my pantyhose and show you the mess ive been sitting in all night. Rubbing and smearing it passionately all over my tight bottom.
You are going to cum hard to this - I guarantee it. Mia- xoxo