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Wonder Woman in Captivity
Wonder Woman in Captivity

Video-Length: 13m 24s
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Wonder Woman is home after a long day of fighting crime, after a little nap, i get a text, someone is in trouble. I jump up to the rescue but things dont go as planned. Im captured and brought to a torture room, with all kinda of awful torture devices, and a load full of bondage toys. Im tied up in the dark room, scared and crying. The lights come on to reveal whats in store for me, im so terriefied I wet myself, sitting in a pool of my own urine. Im tied to the wall and fill my panties as directed by the villain, he wants me to fuck myself with a big thick dildo, right into my shitty asshole, its still stuffed with shit, that i wasnt able to push out earlier, my panties were just too tight tight. The dildo is so big, its torturous all on its own. Im exhausted after this, been in captive for days and pass out on the ground, my shit covered panties around my thighs and ass covered with shit. Im laying amongst the large peices of poop that fell from my panties while i was instructed to play with it - the shit covered dildo, laying within it. The villain defiles my shit covered ass with his huge load, as I lay motionless, exhausted and barely conscious. I hope someone rescues me...