Cassie Scat Store
Cassie Scat Store
Written on 11.04.2019 at 22:50 by Cassie Scat Store

ZarZar has been making epic Poop videos since 2015 and is now the exclusive spot to buy her well-known clips. We'll be working together to get them all uploaded, plus new ones along the way!

She is the epitome of a MILF. She loves to exercise and keep her incredible body tight and fit so she can blow away the neighbours with her pert, sexy ass in her leggings and sneakers. Would you ever guess this all-american honey-blonde mom is known for producing the BIGGEST loads you have ever seen? 

She has great EFRO, instruction, JOI and Panty Poo videos coming your way. You'll be begging this hot mommy for some attention! 

Cassie receives all messages sent on and will be passing along any messages meant for ZarZar if you'd like to get in touch. She is also active as Lilly55 on FetLife where she sells panties, clothing and socks.

She is happy to make custom videos and accept tributes and they can be paid for in the customs tab once arranged.

Cassie Scat Store
Written on 08.04.2019 at 23:22 by Cassie Scat Store

Still getting used to how to use it, but so far, it's pretty fun!

Follow me here if you use Twitter, I'm @ScatCassie

Cassie Scat Store
Written on 28.03.2019 at 23:00 by Cassie Scat Store

You can now spend $39.99 to get 5 CassieScat clips of your choice! This is less than $8 per clip so there's more to enjoy :)

Thank you for your support <3

Get this Deal HERE or click for more information

Cassie Scat Store
Written on 19.03.2019 at 06:00 by Cassie Scat Store

Ayana is a curvy Romanian girl who is dying to try everything and anything for attention! I love a fellow exhibitionist :)

She has a cutesy voice, a thick body and a face that will make you question everything you thought about what kind of girls who are into scat. I have a huge crush on her (and I wish she'd crush me with her thighs!!)

I'll be uploading her clips regularly from now on and passing along any messages sent to me if you'd like to get in touch. She is also on Reddit as AyanaTheOne and on Twitter under the same handle - so check her out!

She is happy to make custom videos and they can be paid for through tributes here as long as you message me clearly that it is meant for her so I can pay her properly.

Show her some love for me <3 

- Cassie

Cassie Scat Store
Written on 20.02.2019 at 21:39 by Cassie Scat Store

Hello everyone!

As a thank you for joining my site I'll be sending you all a free EFRO clip. It's an old clip so the quality is not fantastic but it's one of my strongest memories from filming and I think it really was a turning point. After smelling that special BLUEBERRY filled poop, I knew I wouldn't ever be the same!

I had eaten so many blueberries and they went right through me - you can see at the end of the poop when they all come flowing out, round and purplish and smelling AMAZING.

It will appear today or tomorrow in your downloads - ENJOY and THANK YOU!