Cassie Scat Store
Cassie Scat Store
Written on 14.06.2019 at 19:20 by Cassie Scat Store

Welcome MistressMK


Mistress MK, or Mary Kay, is a young American babe with a thick ass and classic pin-up look. She enjoys playing both domme and sub roles and as far as fetish and kink go, she loves it all! You could call her a sexy little chameleon ?

She started making custom videos on Ebanned as MaryKayLover where she was known in the foot fetish community, but she wanted more and she wanted it dirtier. She got into toilet slave training, ass worship, poo loving vids and more! She really enjoys her making poo-covered candy, swirled inside her ass. It's become her signature!

Mistress MK loves getting guys addicted her ass and poop. Don't pass up enjoying her delicious ass and let yourself fall deep into an addiction.

Cassie receives all messages sent on and will be passing along any messages meant for MistressMK if you'd like to get in touch. She is also @mkmistress on Twitter.

Her vanilla and no poop content is available on IWantClipsClips4Sale and PantyDeal

Cassie Scat Store
Written on 12.06.2019 at 18:42 by Cassie Scat Store

Starting Friday and going strong through the weekend I will be hosting an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit's /r/realscatgirls here.

Click the link to join in!

Gather up all the burning questions you've had for me and ask me during this AMA - I have to answer honestly and nothing is off limits! Get creative - I'm sure all the 'how did you get into it' and 'what's your favourite poop story' questions will be asked at the beginning.

See you guys there ;)


Cassie Scat Store
Written on 05.05.2019 at 20:03 by Cassie Scat Store

I'm going to write a little journal page here of all my bucket list poop ideas :) I think it will be useful to have them recorded so I can look for opportunities to make them happen and so I never forget about them. And maybe they can inspire some of you to chase your dreams too ;P

In no particular order:


1. Poop in the ocean on a nice private beach, maybe at night. The more beautiful the better <3

2. Poop on someone at a live in-person session

3. Piss (and maybe shit!) all over someone's home then leave them to take care of it. I'd LOVE to do this, it's such a fantasy. While they watch would be extra hot. Just all over their couch and floor and furniture and everywhere.

4. Team up with another girl for a pooping clip, maybe someone more sub would be fun! Poop on her and we could both smear on each other.

5. Have a space in my home for getting as messy as I want. I'm so conflicted because I'm SUCH a minimalist but this would be so cool. My a space in someone else's home so it doesn't wreck my lifestyle aesthetic! haha

6. Make human fertilizer. Shit makes great fertilizer and I know people who already use human piss to help their gardens grow. I think it'd be so cool to grow plants with my shit and piss but I gotta get good at keeping my houseplants alive at all first!

7. I've been so tempted by the smell lately just to taste some. I've been waiting a long time for the 'right moment' and I believe it's coming sooner than I thought. I want it to be special because it feels like a type of virginity for me.


More ideas to come ;)

Cassie Scat Store
Written on 11.04.2019 at 22:50 by Cassie Scat Store

ZarZar has been making epic Poop videos since 2015 and is now the exclusive spot to buy her well-known clips. We'll be working together to get them all uploaded, plus new ones along the way!

She is the epitome of a MILF. She loves to exercise and keep her incredible body tight and fit so she can blow away the neighbours with her pert, sexy ass in her leggings and sneakers. Would you ever guess this all-american honey-blonde mom is known for producing the BIGGEST loads you have ever seen? 

She has great EFRO, instruction, JOI and Panty Poo videos coming your way. You'll be begging this hot mommy for some attention! 

Cassie receives all messages sent on and will be passing along any messages meant for ZarZar if you'd like to get in touch. She is also active as Lilly55 on FetLife where she sells panties, clothing and socks.

She is happy to make custom videos and accept tributes and they can be paid for in the customs tab once arranged.

Cassie Scat Store
Written on 08.04.2019 at 23:22 by Cassie Scat Store

Still getting used to how to use it, but so far, it's pretty fun!

Follow me here if you use Twitter, I'm @ScatCassie