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Cassie is the Top Model of and is the one who receives all the messages and makes all the decisions.

She has been making Pooping clips for over 2 years starting on her Reddit and now on her Twitter. She has a very boring, conservative day job in the USA. It pays Very Well, but she misses being kinky and wild! That's why secretly, she comes to the internet to get out all her exhibitionist energy and to shit for you.

She likes EFRO, Pantypooping and giving Instructions to her Toilet Slaves the most but is also popular for her recent exploration of Laxatives.

Message her here about Custom Videos and Shipped Treats

Feel free to get in touch with business partnerships and creative ideas - she's always open-minded!

She has high hopes for the future: A website with more models and private in-person meet-ups with her trusted regular customers.




Ayana is a curvy Romanian girl who is dying to try everything and anything for attention!

She has a cutesy voice, a thick body and a face that will make you question everything you thought about what kind of girls who are into scat.

Cassie receives all messages sent on and will be passing along any messages meant for Ayana if you'd like to get in touch. She is also on Reddit as AyanaTheOne and on Twitter under the same handle - so check her out!

She is happy to make custom videos and they can be paid for through the customs tab once arranged.

Ayana specializes in the extreme - Smearing, Tasting and Masturbating Using Shit. She also loves some dirty anal! Buy her clips so she can buy more dildos for her incredible asshole!




ScatGoddess is a very filthy fetish model that began with EFRO in 2009. She was hooked and it led to more and more experimenting with poop play over the years so she could find out what really made her cum the hardest.  

She was first given the title of “Goddess” by her original panty servants, and they still serve her today. The addition of poo came naturally to the dirty worship of her sexy body! She became a living legend online, known for her quick smile and filthy, kinky sex appeal.

She runs her own site, where you can see everything this dirty girl gets up to.

She has EFRO, Toilet Slave, Smearing and Eating videos coming out of the vault for you. Don't miss out on these feature-length classics!

Cassie receives all messages sent on and will be passing along any messages meant for ScatGoddess if you'd like to get in touch. She is also ScatGoddess on FetLife.

She also has a number she can be reached at 1-800-863-5478 Ext. 10714433


Kamma LaVey


Kamma LaVey is a very kinky, androgynous, gothic transgirl with a sexy squats booty, big cock, and seductive voice. 

Starting first as a camgirl on Chaturbate, she has built a loyal following. She enjoys extreme fetishes and she started doing vomit blowjob shows then branched into scat shows. She is a true switch and loves being dominant and a sissy.

As a dominant, she enjoys training toilet slaves while being strict yet sensual. She creates femdom content involving ass worship, cum, scat, piss…all with dirty talk!

As a sissy, she enjoys showing her real dirty and submissive side. She loves tasting the chocolate from other scat girls and is creating video collabs with the best stars, including CassieScat herself! She also enjoys doing scat smearing blowjobs and deepthroat puke shows.

Kamma is happy to create custom videos and shippable treats.

You may contact her on twitter @KammaLaVey. Her live show and vanilla content can be seen on her Chaturbate & SkyPrivate. She’s available live on Skype. And you may call her @ 1-800-863-5478 Ext. 11953492

Cassie receives all messages sent on and will be passing along any messages meant for Kamma.




Welcome, Gwen! She's a sweet, young girl who is into lots of poop play. Her favorite is pooping in her underwear and smearing it all over her pussy. She also enjoys the feeling of it coming out of my tight asshole and the scent filling the air. She does smearing as well and is into anything that involves humiliation - whether it’s her or you who is being humiliated. 

She's 5’4″, blue-eyed with glasses and short, brown hair. Her skin is pale white with 10 piercings, 3 of which are facial piercings, and 1 tattoo. Big booty and small tits! 

She loves fulfilling fantasies and being a good girl! You can also find her on Reddit as GwenyT.

Buy her videos to watch her get yucky!

Cassie receives all messages sent on and will be passing along any messages meant for Gwen.



chubbi bunni scat fetish model cassiescat


ChubbiBunni's Site Here

CB is everything you want in a curvy, no-nonsense scat girl. She knows what you want and will confidently deliver on all types of fetish fantasies to those she deems worthy. Lots of men lust after an ass like hers, so be ready to prove your mind is dirty and your wallet is fat!

Cassie receives all messages sent on and will be passing along any messages meant for ChubbiBunni if you send them by accident. She can be reached on her site or on Reddit as /u/ChubbiBunni66 and on Twitter as @ThatChubbiBunni.

She is happy to make custom videos and send shipped treats through her site.

ChubbiBunni specializes in dirty fetish clips involving smearing on her big juicy tits, ass and pussy. She also caters to foot fetishes, findom piggies and filthy panty collectors.


Mistress Bianc

mistressbianc bianc scat fetish model cassiescat


Young and pretty with a Big Ass and a Killer Smile! Mistress Bianc brings femdom partner content out of the German scene and into a fresh latina perspective! She has found her perfect slave and the only thing that makes her happier than rewarding him with a mouthful or her poop is showing off to all her fans.

Her new videos will subtitled in English if there is speaking. This will be marked in the details of all of her clips so you can decide when you'd like to hear that exotic Portuguese accent paired perfectly with her mischievious grin.

Cassie receives all messages sent on and will be passing along any messages meant for Bianc if you send them by accident. You can see more of her on her Twitter as @MistressBianc and you can email her at

She is naturally dominant and highly sexual which suits her tall, curvy body, hairy bush and insatiable pussy. It's takes some hardcore play and lots of work from her slave to satisfy her!

She is the first model on to be known for her couple's scat videos and the first Latina to rock this site!


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