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Cassie is the Top Model of and is the one who receives all the messages and makes all the decisions.

She has been making Pooping clips for over 2 years starting on her Reddit and now on her Twitter. She has a very boring, conservative day job in the USA. It pays Very Well, but she misses being kinky and wild! That's why secretly, she comes to the internet to get out all her exhibitionist energy and to shit for you.

She likes EFRO, Pantypooping and giving Instructions to her Toilet Slaves the most but is also popular for her recent exploration of Laxatives.

Message her here about Custom Videos and Shipped Treats

Feel free to get in touch with business partnerships and creative ideas - she's always open-minded!

She has high hopes for the future: A website with more models and private in-person meet-ups with her trusted regular customers.




ScatGoddess is a very filthy fetish model that began with EFRO in 2009. She was hooked and it led to more and more experimenting with poop play over the years so she could find out what really made her cum the hardest.  

She was first given the title of “Goddess” by her original panty servants, and they still serve her today. The addition of poo came naturally to the dirty worship of her sexy body! She became a living legend online, known for her quick smile and filthy, kinky sex appeal.

She runs her own site, where you can see everything this dirty girl gets up to.

She has EFRO, Toilet Slave, Smearing and Eating videos coming out of the vault for you. Don't miss out on these feature-length classics!

She also has a number she can be reached at 1-800-863-5478 Ext. 10714433 or at scatgoddess@gmail.comShe is also ScatGoddess on FetLife.


Kamma LaVey


Kamma LaVey is a very kinky, androgynous, gothic transgirl with a sexy squats booty, big cock, and seductive voice. 

Starting first as a camgirl on Chaturbate, she has built a loyal following. She enjoys extreme fetishes and she started doing vomit blowjob shows then branched into scat shows. She is a true switch and loves being dominant and a sissy.

As a dominant, she enjoys training toilet slaves while being strict yet sensual. She creates femdom content involving ass worship, cum, scat, piss…all with dirty talk!

As a sissy, she enjoys showing her real dirty and submissive side. She loves tasting the chocolate from other scat girls and is creating video collabs with the best stars, including CassieScat herself! She also enjoys doing scat smearing blowjobs and deepthroat puke shows.

Kamma is happy to create custom videos and shippable treats.

You may contact her on twitter @KammaLaVey. Her live show and vanilla content can be seen on her Chaturbate & SkyPrivate. She’s available live on Skype. And you may call her @ 1-800-863-5478 Ext. 11953492

To reach out to Kamma for a custom video or for shipped treats like scat, piss, used condoms, worn panties, and more, email here:


Mistress Roberta


Mistress Roberta is an experienced European domme with a beautiful face and perfect body. As a former OWK prison guardess, she has over 18 years of real life domination, and is constantly looking to improve slave's education in serving a real life Goddesses.

She is a toilet trainer, pet trainer, punisher and much more. She loves to humiliate her slaves and work though their worthless minds to make them understand where they belong, of course, under her ass! She also loves to punish my slaves when they don't do their best to please me, so look her way if you seek a severe trainer who truly gets joy from toilet training.

She mesmerizes her slaves with smearing and playing with her poop so they have no choice but to associate the pleasure of her smooth skin, beautiful eyes and perfect toes with serving and worshiping her shit. She is not afraid to get dirty and will take you on a wild journey - whether you like it or not!

Cassie receives all messages sent on and will be passing along any messages meant for Roberta if you send them by accident. You can see more of her on her Twitter as @MisstresRoberta and you can follow her and on Stars.AVN.


Tina Amazon


Imagine if Anna Kendrick or Megan Fox were 6 foot tall Amazonian goddesses who had secret, dirty scat fetishes. You'd have Tina Amazon. A tall, brunette beauty who loves nothing more than luring you in with her model good-looks then getting you addicted to her dirty kinks.

She first discovered the world of scat fetishes when she was in university and was hooked. She loves to show off her long legs and bubble butt but it makes her crazy knowing people are watching her push out her big, firm logs. She shows her face and even swallows and eats her turds - nothing makes her wetter than sucking on them like a fat cock.

Luckily for you, she wants you to join her in tasting her poop - she'll sell if to you if you reach out. Check out where you can find her below:


Nerdy Faery


Nerdy Faery is a rising star in all things dirty, sexy and fun. She's a fetish friendly kinky nympho who loves to please you.

She loves to get adventurous with her piss play and dirty anal and fun in public and outdoors - anything to thrill this girl who loves to fuck! Give her attention and she'll post more and more videos, including some in diaper and pampers where she looks cuter than ever.

Check out her Twitter or Reddit.

You can enjoy lots of free piss content on her very popular Pornhub page or hop on her Onlyfans to get even more exclusive content.

If you'd like to reach out for customs or to buy something shipped, reach her here:




More than 15 years of adult entertainment industry experience has taught her a few things; have fun, make friends and do what you love. GingerScat simply loves her art and her fans - that’s really what it’s all about!

Her obsession with scat started in her teens with mild curiosity and innocent panty pooping and eventually evolved into a sexual adventure! She's Canadian, College Educated and Healthy.

Her content specialties are dirty anal, clit rubbing orgasms and soft serve panty poops.

If you'd like to subscribe to see even more of her, she has an OnlyFans and she has free clips on Pornhub. She is also listed on Scatshop.

To contact her for custom videos and shipped things, you can email her here:


Brandee Bay


Brandee Bay was once an innocent young lady with a special interest in her naturally huge shits. When a random man approached her online to make a video, she had to show off, and now they’re best friends!

Since then she’s fully embraced her love of her shits and enjoys taking videos of the deed as well as some play and smearing.

She’s vegan and eats a ton of food, but that metabolism pushes it right on out! Brandee is new to scat and excited to learn and try new things.

Brandee is new to scat and excited to learn and try new things. Contact her at to discuss customs and deliverables. Visit her Reddit and Twitter to see her customs menu, what she eats and more!


Mia Nightshade


Mia is a 29 year old model from NYC. She is very athletic and toned. 5'8", 125 lbs, with a cute little butt and 34DD boobies.

She loves traditional modeling but wanted to spice it up with some sexual content - particular she was interested in scat and panty pooping vids.

She is also found on doing live shows, so be sure to check those out!

She's known for very high quality videos, roles play, and of course massive poops! Legendary!

Check out her personal website:


Scat Ella


British, kinky, pee and scat loving girl who likes being watched while indulging in dirty play. Ella LOVEs peeing/pooping and making a mess indoors, outdoors, in shops, supermarkets, on planes, on her bed and other naughty places!

Content includes: pooping in panties/pantyhose; close-ups of breaching; dirty dildo play; licking/sucking poo; smearing (all over hair/face/body); toilet playing; poo eating; shit play with a partner; ATM (ass-to-mouth); ETC.All the good stuff, so keep an eye out!

If you reach out to her, she also has shitty panties, shit filled condoms, and shit covered dildos for sale. YUMMY 😋.


Twitter: @scatellamalkova




Miss Medea Mortelle


She's not only young, talented, dangerously sexy, witty, extremely perverted and very very passionate. No, Miss Medea Mortelle breaks the boundaries of your consciousness!

Fetish and BDSM are her life, because nothing turns her on more. She is a German and English-speaking mistress who makes creative solo and mistress + slave scat videos. She loves what she does and she can't get enough of the kink lifestyle.

What makes Medea special:

  • Authentic Femdom Goddess
  • Versatile and Daring
  • Radiant and Energetic
  • Donates 10 percent of her income

Learn Everything about her on her website and follow her twitter @MMortelle




AliceTop is a cute brunette from Russia. She has a gorgeously petite body and wants to show you the not-so-petite mess in her toilet.

Alice is so hot and you can see her pussy get creamy and pink as she pushes out a nice firm poo and it’s a nice sign that she’s genuinely aroused by both the shit and by sharing something so intimate with you.

She likes to film from different angles and if different poses to show off her lovely, cute butt and it's stinky toilet farts. You can see every detail of her anal ring stretching to release her thick turds with gentle moans. Alice has the best videos if you enjoy watching a girl taking a dump on the toilet.

See more of her on Scatshop and Scatbook and Yezzclips.




Mistress K is back online from her hiatus and posting all her old scat clips - and the new ones too!

A sexy little brunette with a curvy ass, perfect feet and a demanding hot girl attitude you can't say no to. Mistress K has tons of experience controlling subby little boys like you, both from her foot domme page on IWantClips and in real life where she has always has boys fighting to give into her every whim.

She'll get you addicted and keep you that way. Follow her on her brand new Twitter @MyMistressK

See more of her Scat content on FemScat and Scatbook.


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