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Sugar Free Gummy Bear Laxatives Challenge
Sugar Free Gummy Bear Laxatives Challenge

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Anybody remember those viral Amazon reviews for gummy bears that made people shit and fart like crazy? Well it's safe to say I was interested in seeing for myself! And while they no longer sell the original product, another brand still does!

I set up my day to eat the gummies and film everything that happens afterward. I show clips of me eating half a pound of these laxative bears (even though the warning on the back and online say to stick to just a handful at a time!!). Even by the end of my snack, I'm burping and bloated.

I show my huge belly and the farts and 3 waves of poop that come throughout the day! The first is huge and the second 2 are totally liquid, shooting out fast and loud and even foamy at times! I was such a strange and interesting experience!

I film most of the video with a split screen while I'm on the toilet so you can see it coming out and going into the bowl + wiping and flushing all while also watching my facial expressions :D I had a lot of fun on this adventure!