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Become a Model

Who Can Become a Model?

Women, including trans women, who are over 18 years old can become models! I welcome all nationalities and body types. You don't need to show your face in your videos either, I don't so I can understand the need for privacy!

If you are currently making videos fairly regularly (or have a large amount already made!) and have some working knowledge of English you are basically good to go. You need at least 5 videos to get started so when customers see a new model, they can see a few examples of what you do.

The videos must all cater to scat or fart fetishes but can incorporate other fetishes like feet, bellies, femdom, vore and more!

Couple's content is allowed on a case-to-case basis so we can discuss it!

Is This Allowed?

Yes! I take precautions, such as verifying your age and identity with photo ID, to make sure we are following the rules of the payment processor on the site. The same processor is used here as on trusted sites like Yezzclips and and it is the only legal way to accept visa/mastercard payment for scat porn.

For this same reason, payment cannot be accepted through the site for shipped items BUT you are welcome to make videos about items you ship from other sites.

Can I Promote my Social Media/Other Websites?

Absolutely. You can watermark your videos however you want. There is also a model page HERE that can include information directing customers to your social media, other websites and how to contact you for custom videos and shipped things if you offer those services.

Can I Get Paid for Custom Videos?

Yes. It's not a perfect process yet but you can let customers know that they may make a tribute via the site and send me a message letting me know it's for you. I will contact you letting you know payment has been received! Mostly models handle this separate from the site but occasionally a customer is only able/willing to pay through my site.

How Do I Get Paid and How Much?

I pay models 70% on every sale their videos make and then subtract any VAT, paying out once a month normally. Most sales on my site are from US customers so most sales are 0% VAT! On site-wide average, there is less than 4 cents of VAT for every $1 paid to the site. There are no fees for payouts of any amount.

You will receive email updates every time you make a sale letting you know which video(s) sold so you can have an idea of your payout and what is selling well.

Payment is not automatically handled yet since the site is fairly new but the benefit of this is that I work out payment with you individually based on what works well for you. Most models are paid to their bank accounts directly with no minimum in the US and Canada and ~75 USD minimum otherwise. If an international model is under the minimum they can hold over until they reach it or we can find another way to pay that month.

If you need extra money sooner every once in a while or would like to be paid monthly at a time other than the end of the month, let me know and I can always do a different payout schedule or pay you that day to cover an unexpected bill or something :)

If there are issues with refunds ever I usually handle it myself but I'll reach out if there's any problem that you need to know about.

Can I Post My Videos Elsewhere Too?

You retain ownership of all your videos and images, you just give temporary permission for me to host them on my site until you close your store so you can post them anywhere else you'd like.

Privacy, Theft, Closing a Shop and Deleting Videos

Your personal information is shared with nobody except for me and on request the payment processor (to verify age).

So far I have not noticed any of my own videos being bought from my site and resold/posted elsewhere and haven't had any complaints from my models either. Which is great! If in the future this happens, email me a link and I will submit copyright take-down notices for you. If they are not complied with, I will submit to Google to de-list the website from its search engine which is fairly effective at limiting the spread. 

Any changes you need to make to any videos or if you would like them taken down, let me know and I'll do it ASAP. Similarly if you ever want or need to take down your store permanently or temporarily I can do that for you. Privacy is especially important to women who make porn so this can be done very quickly.

Content advertising your videos outside of, such as content on social media, is outside my control but I will do my best!


A newsletter advertising a new model will be sent to's customer's emails so they know you are posting. I will also post about a new model on my Twitter and Reddit. You will also have your model page on the site.

Every time a new video is posted on, a tweet is automatically sent to my twitter @ScatCassie to advertise it to my followers.

A new initiative is posts on other relevant websites and blogs about new videos posted by different models to increase traffic to the site.

Submitting Videos

A google form is used to submit your videos and then I will post them. Normally I post videos from the same models spaced about 4 days apart or however often they come in from you, but we can discus posting more often occasionally if you have something planned.

You need a preview GIF, title, price and description for your video when submitting. Longer descriptions do better in my experience.

Videos are sent to me in the form via a link I can download from. Google drive, and Dropbox are popular ones and they only need to be hosted until I post them. If hosting the files is inconvenient for you (like if your drive space is constantly so so full like mine) then I can give you instructions and information to send them to me via and FTP client.

Reach Out to Join or Help!

Fill out an Application HERE to become a model and start selling scat clips.

CONTACT ME with any questions or if you are a fan and have suggestions for to improve.