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Diarrhea While Talking with Mom
Diarrhea While Talking with Mom

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Re-edited for better lighting and colour balance :)

I went out drinking a BUNCH and it shows in my poop the next morning for sure.

I'm sitting on the toilet talking with my 'mum' through the door while having a bad runny shit. There's farts, plops, splashes and crackles throughout and a few good views of the shit in the toilet. If you like the sounds that come with pooping THIS is a good video for YOU! <3

You can see there were some good turds as well as lots of little runny bits and some total liquid that turned the toilet water all brown!

You listen to me moan while it all gets out and then wipe and flush and go off to nurse my hangover elsewhere.

This is some very real hangover action haha - it was fun prepping for this vid the night before thats for sure!!