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Thanksgiving's Loud, Farty, Splatter Diarrhea!
Thanksgiving's Loud, Farty, Splatter Diarrhea!

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Happy Thanksgiving! I lost this footage after Canadian Thanksgiving but found it again just in time for American Thanksgiving! It's a miracle!

My god, the meal was huge and delicious but it's done a number on my body. I'm bloated and cramping and sort of constipated. I have to get it all out! I pull down my jeans and panties and hop onto the toilet. I'm so uncomfortable because of my bellyache that I'm doubled over and moaning and can't sit still. I try taking my pants and panties off all the way and squatting and squirming on the toilet, but nothing will help.

You can hear the loud farts and even see some of the mushy poop come out as I lift my cheek. It falls loudly into the toilet. It was a huge constipated plug and once it came out, there was a flood of urgent, desperate diarrhea after! You can hear the plops and splashes and farts and splatter clearly from the toilet. I wipe several times, showing you the dirty paper then let you see into the toilet as I flush, leaving smears behind. Unfortunately I come running back not long after because there's still some left and my body hasn't settled down! You get the whole process a second time!