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Giantess Cassie: In Her Mouth then Out Her Ass!
Giantess Cassie: In Her Mouth then Out Her Ass!

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After swallowing two of you little human beings, all Giantess Cassie wants to do is shit you out.

Right after I spot two of you tiny men walking around near me I get the urge to pick your tiny bodies up and swallow them. Inside my mouth, I feel you moving all around thrashing your little bodies all over my throat as you go down to my esophagus and into my stomach.

But you know what comes next, and you can't wait to experience it! After eating you, of course I'm going to need to shit you out! You've caused havoc in my stomach though. You've also been moving all around in my colon breaking up my shit log into many pieces. And, you've made me gassy on top of it all!

As the need to shit you out gets harder for me to hold, I let out a burp and a fart and then spread my asshole on the toilet. It's obvious you've done a bit of damage because I'm a bit constipated. It's hard to push you out. I push and push until my ass finally begins letting you free. Piece by piece, my shit with you in it hits the toilet and stinks up the room. I'm glad you're out of my body now. Now you're just floating in the toilet as part of my mushy brown turds. As I inspect the toilet for signs of you in my turds, I expose my unwiped, dirty asshole. Yum! I wish someone were there to lick it clean. But now, I'm just going to watch you slide down the toilet drain and go back to the sewers where you deserve to be.