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Be my Redlight District Toiletslave by Mistress Kamma
Be my Redlight District Toiletslave by Mistress Kamma

Video-Length: 16m 54s
Video-Resolution: 1280x720 Pixel
Video-Bitrate: 3171 kbit/s
Video-Format: MP4
File size: 384 MB
Language: English


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You’ve travelled long and far to be Mistress Kamma’s sub and there’s no backing out now. You approach into the redlight district nervous but so turned on and excited at the prospect of being owned…” In this special and very erotic roleplay video by Mistress Kamma you will get to experience this. It starts off in a red light room, the atmosphere just makes you feel slutty and ready to be owned. Kamma is wearing a red and black skintight outfit to match with the setting. She talks down, dirty, and very degrading to you.

For those into fantasies of being exposed, you’ll especially love this one.

You can just feel Kamma’s strength, dominance, erotic power behind her words and it will make you want to submit fully. There is lots of big cock stroking in this video while she continously talks down on you, culminating in pissing into a bowl then a huge cumshot. You’ll be made to drink it all while you’re fully exposed and vulnerable. Not to be missed!