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Bored! Time for a BIG, JUICY Pantypoop :D
Bored! Time for a BIG, JUICY Pantypoop :D

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DISCLAIMER: I don't have chicken pox, thanks for the well-wishes though! It's just a surprise food allergy :)

I'm home sick with chicken pox and I'm so bored from being cooped up in here! What will I do with all this energy and time alone in the house? Time to get messy I think!

I show off my cutesy heart-print white cotton panties and rub my pussy and ass in excitement. After letting out a bunch of airy farts, I finally start filling them up. They bulge and overflow and squish and squelch as I sit and push.

The thicker stuff has been stuck in my crack and the mushy stuff has squished everywhere so I spend a long time slowly wiping up close with toilet paper and then showing the messy results :) Enjoy!