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Cassie Finally Releases a Big, Long Shit For You
Cassie Finally Releases a Big, Long Shit For You

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Something of a quick but sexy little clip as a treat for you ;) Thanks for your support!

I’ve been holding a really big shit in all day while I clean the house, waiting for you to come home! Finally, I’m done with my chores and can bring you into the bathroom with me – I can’t wait to finally let my big shit out, just for you!

I sit on my nice, clean pad and tilt my ass towards you, grabbing my cheeks and spreading so you have a perfect view of my dirty little asshole and my cute soles. I can feel the massive turd in my ass as I push – you see and hear me straining as it slides out, stopping to catch my breath and flex my toes before straining again. Finally, it all slides out onto the pad – long, thick, and so smelly! I know that you’ll want to play with it later – maybe taste it or smear it all over- so I package the entire poo up in a neat little bag, saving it for us!"