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Cassie Poops a Perfect Colourful Pile
Cassie Poops a Perfect Colourful Pile

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Note from me! It's been forever since I've sat down and uploaded and posted my videos - but I've been filming the whole time. You're gonna see me upload lots soon as I get more free time from running but keep in mind, they won't be in any particular order and they won't necessarily be very recent, some might be from February! I'm happy to get them out there for you all though! Thank you for all your support <3

I've been having issues with my poop texture lately - either too hard or too soft. Small either way too - because hard and soft are both fun as long as they're nice and BIG in my opinion! And even though you all like to look regardless, I like it to feel real good pushing out of me. I have a nice urgent feeling so I hopeful about this one!

I sit down on the floor, showing you my ass and the soles of my feet (and the cute little tampon string!! Period poops always have a very satisfying urgent and then relieving feeling) and I start to fart and push. The shit comes out nice and quickly with just enough control from me to make a beautiful poop emoji pile of shit for you!

I'm astounded by the rainbow of colors! It's got greens and more warm browns and you can see all the layers from what has been inside me longer and what poop is made from different foods. How pretty :P

I finish off by sitting on the toilet showing off my swollen hormonal tits in a sheer white tank top with no bra and wiping while I describe the smell and pee (Yes! I can hold my pee while I shit and go after. Talent.) I show you the dirty toilet paper and the green colour from wiping my ass. Then I show you the pile nice and close to really give you a look at the colors and the airy texture that made it crackle on pop coming out of me. And what a pretty pile shape! The dream soft serve ice cream.