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Cassie takes a Thick Poo in her Thigh-High Socks
Cassie takes a Thick Poo in her Thigh-High Socks

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Hey there, cutie! Now that we’re done playing around in bed, I had just enough time to put on my red thigh highs before the urge to shit really hit me. What’s that - you want to watch? I’d love that!

You watch from behind as I get on my knees on the bathroom floor, legs spread and pussy dripping. I’m still so horny that I can’t stop shaking my ass, bouncing up and down and grinding just like I love to do on your face. Finally, I lower my ass and bear down, a thick, solid turd sliding out and stretching my asshole. You watch, entranced by my big, dirty shit – it’s all hard and knobby on one end, but creamy and light brown on the other! I shake my unwiped, messy ass for you one more time, my creamy pussy still dripping, then bring you in for a closeup of the turd, so close you can see the bits of food stuck in it. Maybe next time I’ll just let it loose while we’re playing in bed – I know you wouldn’t mind!